For a workers’ Europe, vote Lutte Ouvrière

May 20, 2019

With the European elections approaching, we keep being told there are only two choices: punish Macron by voting for any party that might finish first, in front of the president’s party, you know who we mean; or hold our noses

The U.S Government – Bully of the World

May 19, 2019

In response to the supposed threat of Iran’s plans to attack U.S. forces or personnel, the U.S. military recently ordered non-emergency personnel out of Iraq and updated its military plans which now includes the possibility of sending 120,000 more troops

For a workers’ Europe, vote Lutte Ouvrière

May 13, 2019

In this European election campaign, Nathalie Loiseau and Macron are presenting themselves as the “progressive”, defenders of the European union against nationalism, which leads to war. But it is not easy to swallow their propaganda. Macron’s “progressive” outlook These alleged

Fake attacks, true emergencies

May 6, 2019

“They attacked the Pitié-Salpetrière hospital…” declared Christophe Castaner, the interior minister. That was on May 1st, after some demonstrators sought refuge on this Paris hospital grounds to escape from police attacks and tear gas flooding the neighbouring streets. Targeting the

We Should Work To Live, Not Live To Work

May 5, 2019

While the US economy has grown nearly 60% in the last few decades—bringing in record profits for corporations—workers’ wages have remained stagnant at best. Nationally, workers earn a median income of $44,500, not much more than what we made 40