1968 – Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible!

May 1, 2018

Introduction: “Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible” The War on Vietnam The U.S. Anti-war Movement The Black Freedom Movement Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Politics in the U.S. France: May ‘68 Germany: Students Take the Lead The Revolt Across Europe

The Russian Revolution of 1917

March 16, 2018

Table of Contents Map of the Russian Empire in 1917  The Russian Revolution of 1917: The Beginning of the Liberation of Humanity The Bolshevik Party – A Party of the Revolutionary Working Class  Soviets: What Does Workers’ Power Look Like?  The

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn – Rebel with a Cause

November 18, 2017

There are many heroes and heroines in the working-class movement, but sadly most workers today have never heard their names or their stories. One such heroine that everyone should know about is Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. Her life spanned huge upsurges

The 1912 Bread and Roses Strike, Lawrence Massachusetts

November 17, 2017

In 1912, in the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, 25,000 workers went on strike. The people of Lawrence came from 51 different countries. More than four fifths of them were born in countries other than the U.S., or were the children

Capitalism and The Environment

June 22, 2016

What follows is a collection of various articles and leaflets Speak Out Now has published over the past few years about climate change and the destruction of the environment. We reprint some of them here because they provide an important

What Socialist America Will Look Like

June 22, 2016

download pdf The following brief biography of James P Cannon was written by David Holmes of Resistance Books James Patrick Cannon was born in February 1890 in Rosedale, Kansas (today a part of Kansas City). His socialism came from his

Why Socialism – by Albert Einstein

June 22, 2016

download pdf The following essay was written by Albert Einstein and published in the May 1949 issue of Monthly Review Magazine Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein (1949) Is it advisable for one who is not an expert on economic and

The 1934 Minneapolis General Strike

September 1, 2015

download pdf Originally from Revolutionary History, Vol.2 No.1, Spring 1989. Used by permission on Marxists.org The 1934 Minneapolis Strike The Minneapolis strikes of 1934 have always occupied a special place in the historical understanding of the Trotskyist movement, as they

Striking Flint

May 16, 2010

download pdf * Reprinted with permission from Susan Rosenthal Remembering the 1936-37 General Motors Sit-Down Strike Genora (Johnson) Dollinger talking to Susan Rosenthal Preface There are times in history when the forces of capital and labor are so evenly matched

The Oakland General Strike (1946) – by Stan Weir

May 16, 2010

download pdf This is the story of the 1946 Oakland General Strike told by a participant – Stan Weir, a seaman at the Oakland Port, and a revolutionary working class militant. We reprint this pamphlet because it shows first-hand the

May Day – Made in the USA, Exported to the World

May 16, 2010

download pdf One of the most important working-class holidays, May Day (International Workers Day), originated in the United States in the 1880s with the struggle for the eight-hour day. The expansion of capitalism in 19th century America brought new layers

The IWW by James Cannon

May 16, 2010

the following is reprinted from: https://www.marxists.org/archive/cannon/works/1955/iww.htm source: Summer 1955 issue of Fourth International download pdf The I.W.W. By James P. Cannon (1955) The Bold Design When the Founding Convention of the IWW — the Industrial Workers of the World —

The Seattle General strike of 1919

May 16, 2010

download pdf An Account of What Happened in Seattle and Especially in the Seattle Labor Movement, During the General Strike, February 6 To 11, 1919 Originally issued by the History Committee of The General Strike Committee, March, 1919 HISTORY COMMITTEE

Fracking – Another Sign of an Insane System

May 16, 2010

download pdf Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” is a highly polluting process used to extract oil or natural gas trapped in solid rock underground. Fracking has destroyed water supplies, sickened people and animals, and disrupted life in towns across

The Strike at River Rouge: Detroit 1941

May 16, 2010

In 1941, tens of thousands of autoworkers at the Ford River Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan, overcame many obstacles to build a union from the bottom up and to win a strike that had a strong potential to turn into